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Welcome to Abundant Life Natural Foods
At Abundant Life Natural Foods, we offer a wide selection of the highest quality natural and organic foods throughout our grocery, chill, frozen, bulk, and produce departments. We also carry many dietary supplements, natural herbs, and homeopathic remedies. Abundant Life's kitchen features fresh soups and salads daily, fresh brewed organic coffee, a selection of sandwiches, vegetarian burgers and homemade desserts.

Our product selection process is designed to ensure that all of our grocery items meet our rigorous criteria for being "natural" which excludes artificial colors, flavors sweeteners and additives, hydrogenated oils and GMO foods. If we don't carry a product that you want, we would be happy to special order it for you.

Our non-food departments have an ever changing selection of unique products. We carry many items that would make a wonderful gift for you or someone else. Pure essential oils, luxurious bodycare, cooking and healing books, household wares, organic baby clothes, stainless steel water bottles, greeting cards, aromatherapy candles, and the largest selection of incense in the state of Hawaii.

Whether your are looking for information about diabetes, enzymes to aid digestion, gifts for friends, cold remedies or skin and body care, Abundant Life offers supplements and solutions to nourish any lifestyle.
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THE MEATRIX - a humorous 4-minute Flash animation drawing attention to the problems caused by factory farming.
here to go to THE MEATRIX

GROCERY STORE WARS - another site designed to raise awareness.
-this one put out by the Organic Trade Association
here to go to STORE WARS


"...(from our research, we are led to think) that the chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to me that we'd better seriously entertain therories about the role of emotions and emotional suppression in disease, and that we'd better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health."

~Candace Pert, Ph.D., Researcher in Brain Biochemistry, Peptides and Mind/Body Connections